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Corporate Services

Easy, fast and secure international transfers in over 40 currencies to more than 200 destinations around the world.

Our trading team work with you to ensure you not only get the best deal, but the right deal at the right time.

Our approach is to not only save you money, but to save you time and streamline your payments and foreign exchange transactions more efficiently - at the highest security level possible.

When transferring or receiving funds from around the world Spartan FX offer a personal service with a dedicated dealing team to help your funds go that much further. Our corporate team can help you develop the best strategy so that you are maximising the potential of your foreign exchange transactions, without any hidden fees or commission.

If you are looking for a specific exchange rate, a speedy transfer or just wish to minimise your risk to exchange rate fluctuations our dealers have the experience to understand your requirement and meet your needs.

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I'd never used broker a before, I was anxious but found the agent very supportive, no pressure, he kept in touch and kept us informed all the way. Very efficient.
Carole Wesley, 27th May 2020
Clear, concise and thoroughly professional.Brilliant service.
Damian Perkins, 21st May 2020
The service was super! Ben stayed in touch with me during a number of transfers, he even reached out to my agent in France to coordinate the eventual transfer.
Matt Kramer, 20th May 2020
This company offers what can only be described as an exemplary service. I needed an urgent transfer done and Ben had the entire transaction completed hassle free start to finish in less than two hours.
Simon P, 18th May 2020


Invoice Payments

From simply providing you with the best rate for an individual payment through to a bespoke solution for upcoming payments or project, we can provide a bespoke solution so that you achieve the best rates at the right time.

Currency Invoicing

If you’re receiving foreign currency payments or want to invoice in foreign currency we can provide the right solution for you. From simply converting your funds into your native currency, all the way through to collection accounts for different currencies in your own name.

Multiple Payments

We have the technology and infrastructure to make multiple or batch payments to regular or new payees. Our solutions can save you time, money, and simplify the whole process streamlining your operation.

Salary Payments

If you have international staff or offices and need to make salary payments we can provide a complete solution ensuring staff are paid. Our technology will save you time, money, and streamline your salary payments.


Spot Contract

A spot contract allows you to secure an exchange rate and move your money as quickly as you like. Once you’ve secured a rate, you transfer your sold currency and we do the rest. Spot contracts are for purchasing currency from immediately up to 5 days in advance. This is the ideal contract if you want to move funds quickly or want to take advantage of a preferential exchange rate.

Forward Contract

A forward contract allows you to secure a rate for your required currency now and pay later, giving you the peace of mind in knowing how much your currency will cost and removes all risk of currency fluctuations. This is the ideal contract if you do not currently have your funds available immediately, but want to protect against any adverse moves or secure a preferential exchange rate in advance.

Market Orders

We have the technology and infrastructure to make multiple or batch payments to regular or new payees. Our solutions can save you time, money, and simplify the whole process streamlining your operation.

We started Spartan with one goal - provide incredible rates with excellent service, always. I’m proud of our success so far.
Dan Fielding
Managing Director

Risk Management

Our corporate dealing team provide bespoke solutions for your business to avoid the pitfalls of foreign exchange.

Security of funds is of paramount importance to us which is why all funds are sent into client trust accounts for security and no funds are paid directly into our own company bank accounts.

Our corporate dealing team work with our clients to understand the individual needs of the business and can tailor a unique solution based on your circumstances to mitigate your risk.

Strategic planning is one of our many strong points. We’ll provide you with a bespoke plan tailored directly to your businesses requirements so that you maximise every foreign exchange transaction.

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