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FED raises interest rates and EUR/USD moved over 1%

on: 3/23/2023, by: Spartan FX

EUR/USD moved over 1% after the FED pushed forward with another 25bp interest rate hike. The main driver of this is the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank, a potential banking crisis and the need to still deal with inflation. 

What is happening to EUR/USD? What does this mean for your payments to Europe?

on: 1/13/2023, by: Spartan FX

In the longer term, if we continue to see the trend we have seen over the last few weeks, we may see EUR/USD hit 1.12/1.14. More Euro strength could be a real possibility for anyone with longer lead times.

Mid-terms - Impact on the US Dollar

on: 11/8/2022, by: Spartan FX

The mid-term elections are causing some volatility for the US dollar. In less than a week, we have seen the rate drop by 3%. Buying €250,000 is now $8,000 more expensive. Once the election is over, it may settle the markets; however, the outcome could have a more reaching impact. If the Democrats lose control of the House, Senate, or both, policy-making and law-making could become more complicated.

Chancellor shocks market with £45bn tax cut causing the Pound to tumble

on: 9/28/2022, by: Spartan FX

The Pound has taken a beating this week following the announcement of the government's tax cut plans. Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announces tax cuts to the tune of £45bn in the mini-budget.

Are Euros more expensive to buy now?

on: 8/10/2022, by: Spartan FX

Despite this recent downturn, we are still trading at levels at very good levels for GBP/EUR and USD/EUR.

Best time to buy Euros in nearly 20 years

on: 7/6/2022, by: Spartan FX

Best time to buy Euros in nearly 20 years. USD/EUR rose 1% to the best levels since December 2002 as the eurozone economy is at risk of a recession.

Is now a good time to sell US Dollars and buy Euros?

on: 5/11/2022, by: Spartan FX

It is still an excellent time to buy Euros. Overall are still at 5-year highs. Anyone looking to move to or buy property in Europe will have started pricing within the last 12 months. As you can see it is cheaper now to buy Euros.

BoE raise interest rates and warn of a recession

on: 5/6/2022, by: Neil Poyton

The Pound falls as the BoE raise interest rates to 1%, the highest level since 2009 and warns of a risk of recession as energy prices continue to rise. The cost of living crisis worsens and impacts the UK economy and inflation.

USD/EUR at 5-year highs while GBP/EUR drops by nearly 3%.

on: 4/27/2022, by: Spartan FX

The US Dollar is still the safe haven of choice. With intensifying fears over China’s covid lockdowns and its impact on the global supply chains causing more concerns for economic growth, investors are still seeking refuge in safe havens such as the US Dollar. Making it a great time to purchase your Euros.

Best rates to buy Euros in up to nearly 6 years

on: 3/4/2022, by: Spartan FX

The Euro has weakened 2-9% against the US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and the Pound. We are now reaching nearly 2 - 6 year highs against these currencies.

Is now a good time to buy Euros?

on: 1/28/2022, by: Spartan FX

We are trading at very good levels for any Euro buyers selling Pounds or US Dollars. As we have seen over the last few weeks, the markets are fairly volatile.

GBPEUR creeps closer to the elusive 1.20

on: 1/4/2022, by: Spartan FX

GBPEUR creeps closer to the elusive 1.20. The pair is now trading at 22-month highs due to better than expected manufacturing PMI. Businesses are hopeful of an economic recovery in 2022 and less disruption caused by Brexit and supply chain issues.

Weekly Currency Update 03.12.2021

on: 12/3/2021, by: Spartan FX

There is still talk that the Bank of England will push back interest rates into the new year, and the new variant continues to dominate across the board.

Weekly Currency Update 26.11.2021

on: 11/26/2021, by: Spartan FX

If covid-19 infections begin to rise in the US we could see some of the excellent recent gains reverse. We are currently trading at levels last seen in June 2020. We are 8% higher than the lows we have seen this year.

GBPEUR hits 20-month highs. Could 1.20 be within reach?

on: 10/28/2021, by: Spartan FX

All eyes will be on the European Central Bank meeting today, which could have an impact on GBPEUR. Will it be enough to help the range-bound pair make a breakout?

How will the German elections affect your transfers?

on: 9/24/2021, by: Spartan FX

German federal election will take place on Sunday 26th September. Germany is set for a major political shift as Angela Merkel will not take part in the election after almost 16 years of holding the post of Chancellor.

What’s in-store for the pound in 2021

on: 2/4/2021, by: Neil Poyton

The pound has been performing well against the Euro so far this year, nearly reaching 9-month highs.