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Liz Truss becomes the UK’s 80th Prime Minister

on: 9/5/2022, by: Spartan FX

Truss has beat Rishi Sunak by securing 57% of the votes. Truss used her victory speech to pledge to “deliver on the energy crisis”. One way of doing this would be to freeze energy bills, but at what cost? And what does that mean for the pound?

Transfer deadline - don’t forget your Euros!

on: 9/1/2022, by: Spartan FX

UK clubs are being bought by foreign investors, footballers are buying holiday homes overseas, and now players are being bought and sold by clubs in the UK and internationally.

UK banks close British expat accounts

on: 8/17/2022, by: Spartan FX

Two years on from Brexit and UK Banks are still notifying British customers of bank account closures.

Save Money and Improve your Sustainability

on: 12/7/2021, by: Spartan FX

'44% of retailers admit their business sees sustainability more as a cost centre than a cost saver' and 'more than half (59%) of retailers admit sustainability has had to take a step-back' due to covid-19 and supply chain issues.

Why are lab-grown diamonds becoming more popular?

on: 6/11/2021, by: Spartan FX

Recently, Pandora announced that they would start using lab-grown diamonds as they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.